About Our Company

Lifatec USA, LLC was formed in 2000 to meet an increasing demand for smaller, high transmission fiber optic lighting and sensing products for the medical market.

As designers of medical systems strive to make them less invasive, Lifatec's focus has turned to providing the smallest, most durable cable systems possible. Cable assemblies with diameters as compact as 0.25mm are now possible, as a result of specialized technological development of our core proprietary processes.

Our team has over 35 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the development and production of medical systems, from blood analysis sensors to miniature pediatric bronchial scopes, positioning Lifatec USA as a well qualified source of fresh ideas for the demanding needs of today's medical market.

The optical borosilicate fibers utilized in all of Lifatec USA's products are manufactured by our partner company, LiFaTeC GmbH, located in Hüttenberg-Rechtenbach, Germany. Lifatec USA is the exclusive North American representative for LiFaTeC GmbH borosilicate glass fibers.

In keeping with our original mission to supply the finest fiber optic cable systems and glass fibers in the industry, Lifatec USA is continually researching ways to use optical systems as a means to improve both the quality and ease of everyday life. As a result, our product line now includes other innovative products which contribute to this purpose.